To be frank, i am not happy with my body at the moment. I don’t think I’m fat or over weight. It just comes to a point were I don’t particularly feel confident. So instead of eating my pain away with ice cream that was on sale. (Which isn’t always bad) I am looking for healthy alternative’s, working out, sleeping well & definitely drinking tons of water.. I love tea but I’ll only drink one cup of Green Tea if I’m craving some, but I am making myself stick to this, when I do this I wake up feeling good and I’m not sluggish. Green Tea is also good for losing weight, I looked up info on it and it seems to help. But most of your body runs on water so drinking it instead of teas, juices,ect. I’ll chug down some water. Now food. You always hear “Eat clean!” Well if you aren’t sure what that means, it’s just eating food that isn’t pre-seasoned, or rather fresh foods. (If you still quite don’t understand, I suggest you look up some info of your own.) So I’ve been looking on pinterest for healthy food recipes and they’re simple and don’t require much to buy. When you want a healthier lifestyle, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. You are already changing something big, make it easy on yourself. When you put good things in your body, your body will be happy. So just start off small and if you like it, work your way up! (:
For work outs, I’m pretty much trying to focus on everything. They’re “At home workouts.” So nothing major. I’m focusing on my core, chest, legs and buttocks.. I’m doing this to be more confident in myself, but being healthy also help you mentally and as I strengthen my body, it will help me when I go to RBC and even when I clean the house other yard. Working out and  eating better really helps in all areas of your life. That’s why I am doing it for myself. I was weak for so long, that now, I am ready to grow.

     Morning Motivation. 💪

My Thoughts


Jehovah has blessed me with a new friend. I’ve known her for awhile now, just never got too close to her. I also couldn’t because i got so sick that making new friends wasn’t an option, but since i’m getting better quite quickly i’m able to actually make conversation and she has also grown in her own way’s from when i first met her.. She would only give ya one word answers but recently she was been making more of an effort to speak and that gives me something to work with so i’m really happy because now that i’m all better it’s been pretty lonely and my thoughts have been consuming me.

But I also got to talking to my mom this after-noon and she gave me a better out-look and i literally had an epiphany today. About my past and how to deal with my present situation.

They are small but I pay a lot of attention to everything in my life because i feel in order to please Jehovah to the best of my ability i need to make sure i know i’m making the right decisions in {everything} i do.. sounds crazy but that’s just how i work… if i allow small things to be “swept under the rug” i will allow too much and soon I go under.

But Jehovah is showing me the way in which to take and i am taking action, i’m not sick anymore so it’s time to stop messing around and take everything serious again and get my Focus straight and get to work.

I’m still young but learning things and realizing things now will only make me wiser in the future and i can focus my life purely on Jehovah and his service. Not that i cannot do that now, it’s just i have to be taught and learn certain things to grow, to grow to an adult.

People always say enjoy your youth but honestly, being young right now is really hard. Its is also for adults but they have the wisdom from their youth… their youth… being young is pretty much a learning processes, learning how to handle different situations in your life, becoming the person you will become, constantly changing yourself because we all make mistakes, developing people skills, learning how to have manners, there is a time and place for everything, becoming a spiritual person and learning to love Jehovah and his ways.. so many things you need to do as a child, yet people expect so much out of us because we are “young” and have “all the energy in the world”. Just because we aren’t paying bills and have a job to wake up to everyday,and don’t have to tend to a family, doesn’t mean that we aren’t tired, doesn’t mean that we don’t suffer, especially with all the hormones that come on with being young, sometimes it’s easy to deal with, sometimes its depression, sometimes it’s so over-whelming it feels like it’s coming out of your skin. We are always having to fight. Satan views youth as a weaker link and attacks us everyday.. just as he does adults but since we don’t have much experience in life he thinks he can use that against us. Life is hard for all of us, there is no generation that has it easier that the other. We are all fighting to make it.

We all have Jehovah and he gave his son for us so we are able to live forever, be forgiven of our sins, but something that most tend to forget, he is there for us to talk to. he says “throw your burden on me!”
I personally don’t know what i would be like without him, or my family. He has done/blessed us so greatly it’s, it’s, you almost feel unworthy, well we aren’t , yet he does it anyways. What a loving God we have!

Well i think i’ve vented enough about different topics.
It’s time to go.
I’ll be back.
mid-night thoughts.